Friday, September 26, 2008

Frankie Clackan Killed Rock n'Roll

Could possibly be reading extracts from, "Frankie..." in the local library next week. We'll see how that goes. Shall have to perfect my graphic text public speaking...

Am just wondering...In this case, would it be necessary to use my "Sex voice?"...That is, of course, presuming I have one...


*licks lips* ;)

It's alive!

I've had no internet for the past two days and feel like I've just sowed on a limb by having it fixed. *flexes arm* Yep, that feels better!

I've written two articles locally, they seem to have been well recieved. I'm kind of tiring of journalism. It doesn't give me a buzz anymore.

Ten thousand words to write before Friday. Can I do it? Fuck knows. I've finally gotten my hands on a copy of "Tales Of The Dead," how will I be able to focus on anything else? I would curse Mary Shelley but I'm smarter than that.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blatant, cheeky plugging...

Availible from and - Amazon does state that this book is "Temporarily Out Of Stock," please ignore this. If it's ordered it will arrive in around 2weeks or so. Or you can order it from me by emailing me at

"We are a song on repeat…"
In a squalid apartment they can’t afford to keep, Frankie and Jack develop a strange and unhealthy co-dependency which leaves them penniless, bored and so drunk they can barely remember that they should have been at their lecture six hours ago…
Living on a diet of booze and 80’s indie music, they become detached from the world outside.
Things take a downward spiral when Jack tries desperately to reclaim some semblance of a normal life, leaving Frankie a train-wreck waiting to happen.
Things can only get worse.
A light-hearted look at the dark side of college-life.
By Niecy O'Keeffe.

Entry the first!

Well, I've started this here new blog. It needs a bit of sprucing up, but I'll soon see to that. Today was a good day, although busy. I'm still having trouble with Amazon, trying to get them to take off the "Temporarily out of stock," business that keeps putting people off buying the book. A rather tedious business, I must say.

Last Friday was probably one of the best learning curves I've ever had, as I was part of the Frank O'Connor Festival in the Southword Showcase. I did a reading of my published work, alongside two other writers - Tania Hershman and Julian Campredon. Both absoultely fantastic and established talents. It was an honour to be a part of it, not to mention extremely nerve-wracking. Managed to garble it out without falling over, mind you. So, thats a tick for the "Pro," box and thankfully, the Con one is empty. It was a fantastic thing to be able to do.

More meetings this week, the diary's pretty full but it won't be as bad once I begin my stint at Gaiety. Although, I'm not looking forward to all the commuting between Dublin and Cork again. Still, it must be done.

That's all for now. Glad to have a shiny new blog to play with.