Monday, November 24, 2008

The prodigal blogger.

Back again after a spell offline - I was a wee bit poorly for a while and didn't much fancy being online for much more than to check my email. Also, blog-wise, I really didn't have that much to say because my creative juices are flowing a little more easily, lately and I have a great dislike for talking about the process of writing itself when I'm actually doing it.

In fact, I've noticed that the more I talk about writing, in general, the more uneasy that makes me feel. I find that when I hear about other people's writing routines, it always makes me feel like my own habits are lacking, somewhat or that I'm doing something wrong. My confidence and my motivation for opening up Microsoft Word are then almost fucked to pieces, to be honest.

Also, the more I read back over, "Frankie," and notice the ridiculously bad and glaring mistakes I made, the more embarrassed I feel. I'm so so glad that I've fixed those mistakes and that the amended edition won't be quite so painful to read back over. Taking this month to myself to work on that was the best decision I've made since I can't remember when.

Got back from Surrey on Saturday after a few days away to work on making myself and my writing a little more presentable. I get wonderful tuition from a professional actor over there who has done wonders for my confidence in honing my skills. Well, I say, "skills," know, the best of what I've got I suppose, would be more accurate.

Wonderful to see Tania Hershmans reading online at The Southword Showcase for The Frank O'Connor festival in September. She did a wonderful job.